Anna Frants and Alexandra Dementieva to take part in PROJECTION, PROJECTIONS exhibition in Brussels

Capture d’écran 2022-05-03 à 22.04.23

Artist-run space UNLOCQ53 proposes: four crossed views of contemporary artists around ‘the projection’.

53 Rue Locquenghien 

B-1000 Brussels

Opening 03.06.2022


The word “projection”, of Latin origin, has multiple meanings, and there are many fields in which it is used. There is no psychology, geometry, cartography without projection, nor cinemas, discotheques and, today, even museums without projection. No more contemporary art exhibitions either without projection, in all states, in all ways, on all media, and for all reasons. Probably the most direct projection in this exhibition is that of a documentary video of a performance on a wall in a darkened room. The same artist projects himself into the skin of other people, in this case into the skin of Gagarin and Rasputin. What bigger movie theatre is there than where we close our eyes and dive into our dreams!

In the headset on display here, this is not the case. Eyes wide open, the public enters alone into immersion inside another brain whose course of events can be modified. Antique projections like an animated frieze whose support, three vases, remains motionless. Para-Olympic and black and white, perpetuum immobili, these sports warriors run – without advancing – a marathon at a standstill.

And finally, the flattening of reality, a reality that is around us, around the panoramic camera. A multitude of small holes in the thick concrete wall of a modernist church act as spotlights. At a certain moment and, provided the sun is shining, this star map projects luminous and sinuous lines onto the walls opposite. Thus, the panorama shows simultaneously and on the same plane, without hierarchy, both the projector and the projected, and the cause and the effect.

Alexandra Dementieva (B), Anna Frants (USA), Marin Kasimir (D), Emilio Lopez-Menchero (E).