Anna Frants’ Exhibition at the Museum Center of Moscow State Humanitarian University

On February 19, at the Museum Center of MSHU, opened Anna Frants’ solo exhibition Storm in a Tea Glass showcasing her works from various years.

Works by CYLAND MediaArtLab founder Anna Frants – animations, video art, installations – that could be seen at the exhibition Storm in a Tea Glass create a special atmosphere and immerse the spectator in a world of associations. A paradox is a frequent technique in Anna’s art regardless of the media that she uses. The artist juxtaposes the old and the new, the expected and the unknown, history and present and evokes an emulative thinking in us.

Anna Frants creates an environment with which we can identify. For this purpose, she uses various technologies: light, sound, video projections. For instance, In the Shade of an Olive Tree is intended to move us to “Greece where specks of light on the marble of an ancient sculpture play in the same way as they do on your hand caught in a beam from the projector,” as the artist explains it. Window Sash employs the same idea to transport the spectator into his or her own world of memories and associations – but with a projector, not natural light.

As spectators, we know that we are in a unique experience conditioned by a work of art and therefore do not take our feelings at their face value, but make them into metaphors even before we experience them. Works of Anna Frants it is this kind of safety, which allows us to experience momentary discomfort, but not real panic.

The exhibition had been on display until March 2 at the Museum Center of MSHU (Metro station Novoslobodskaya, ul. Chayanova, d. 15, 2nd floor).