Anna Frants’ Work Presented at NARGIFSUS Screening

SCREENING + CLOSING RECEPTION ::: 'NARGIFSUS' curated by Carla Gannis and Tina Sauerländer

CYLAND MediaArtLab artist and founder Anna Frants participates at the screening of animated GIFs curated by Carla Gannis and Berlin based curator Tina Sauerländer. NARGIFSUS | A SCREENING OF ANIMATED SELF-PORTRAITS takes place on March 19, 2016 to mark the closing of Gannis’ second solo exhibition with the gallery ‘A SUBJECT SELF DEFINED’.

The 9th CYBERFEST co-curator and artist Carla Gannis together with Tina Sauerländer invited 60+ international artists to present animated GIF “Selfie-Self Portraits” that provide a broad range of perspectives on contemporary selfie culture and self-display.

The topic of the show, the change of personal comfort zones in the Digital Age, complements The Selfie Drawings that deal with contemporary states of analog-virtual hybridity and identity performance.

Saturday March 19, 2016 from 6 – 10PM
Closing event of ‘A Subject Self-Defined’
at TRANSFER Gallery, Brooklyn

From Sunday March 20, 2016
LINK tbc

More information and updates available on Facebook.

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