CYBERFEST 2014 Opened at Sky Gallery 2 atop of Roppongi Hill Tokyo

On November 28 CYBERFEST 2014 opened at Sky Gallery 2 atop of Roppongi Hill Tokyo – one of world’s largest buildings. CYLAND MediaArtLab has joined efforts with The WYE to bring artworks by Anna Frants, Ivan Govorkov, Daniil Frants, Ryan Wolfe, Nathan Peter, Yoram Roth to Japan.

Live drawing PATTERNS OF THE MIND by Ivan Govorkov and Daniil Frants gained much interest from the public followed by concerned questions and a lot of applause. Not a sketch, painted canvas, nor a performance – CYLAND MediaArtLab artists’ Ivan Govorkov and Daniil Frants PATTERNS OF THE MIND is a hybrid between graphics, easel painting and action in the spirit of Abstract Expressionism or Late Surrealism.

Along with the exhibition a cross-generational and cross-cultural dialog was presented on November 29 with Mr. Fumio Nanjo, Director of Mori Art Museum who is considered as a leader of Japanese art world, and our very own Daniil Frants, genius young programmer who has been active through countries such as the U.S., Russia and Germany. Through the very special encounter of the two from quite different age groups, backgrounds and environments where they grew up, they were wondering “In what color will the ‘arts’ shine?“ It was no doubt a great occasion to witness the exciting art critiques beyond the generations and cultures.