CYLAND Artists Participate at the Fragments of Metamodernism Exhibition in St. Petersburg

May 14, an exhibition of a new cultural paradigm opens at the Berthold Centre in St. Petersburg. Entitled Fragments of Metamodernism, the exhibition presents artists who overcome postmodern aspects of contemporary art and form metamodern ‘as if’ structures in their works. Curated by Nadezhda Blazhko, the narrative of the exhibition will be built on the four axes of modernity: neoromantic tendencies, affect, new mode of historicity and depth.

CYLAND MediaArtLab founder and artist Anna Frants will reflect on the proposed themes along with fellow artists.


From the No. 0 series, installation by Anna Frants

Fragments of Metamodernism

May 14 – May 22, 2019

Berthold Centre
Grazhdanskaya 13/15, St. Petersburg

Curator: Nadezhda Blazhko

Artists: Vitaly Pushnitsky, Leonid Tskhe, Viktoriya Begalskaya / Aleksandr Vilkin, Nikita Pirogov, Viktoriya Ikonen, Evgeniy Bugaev, Alex Antipin, Maria Godovannaya, Anna Frants