CYLAND Takes Part in the 10th Annual Governors Island Art Fair in NYC

CYLAND MediaArtLab team is gearing up to collaborate and exhibit at the 10th annual Governors Island Art Fair, in New York.

Governors Island Art Fair 2017

CYLAND co-founder and artist, Anna Frants, with sponsorship from Zometool will be installing No. 0 on the top floor of an old multi-family barrack – #404 along Colonels Row – This former home to military families during the 17 and 1800s is untouched, walls chipping, history palpable, with new creative revolutions flowing.


The fair will be open to the public every weekend in September (and the first Sunday in October) 11:00am – 6:00pm. Admission is free.

Situated off the southern tip of Lower Manhattan, Governors Island (only an 8 minute ferry ride!) is comparatively small but history dense. It’s the site of an early military fort dating back to the Revolutionary War. The island has largely gone un-used (in an official capacity) since the 1970’s, when it was home to NY’s regional Coast Guard. The island remains untouched by modern construction – as its protected under historical preservation laws. Being perfectly juxtaposed against the backdrop of Manhattan’s shiny, soaring and evolving skyline, reiterates the little island’s large impact. It’s a near time-warp into the start of the U.S.

The island is only accessible by ferry: walk-ons, strollers, and bikes only, with departures from both Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

For ferry schedule pleaes visit:

4heads presents:

Governors Island Art Fair 2017

The 10th annual Governors Island Art Fair – New York’s largest independent exhibition

“Gems among the ruins” (The New York Times)

“It’s a lot to absorb, so… go early” (The New York Post)

“A welcome, art-filled escape” (

“One of NYC’s best art fairs” (Time Out New York)

4headed Pioneers

When 4heads launched GIAF in 2008, this small group of artists were among the first to see Governors Island as an overlooked gem. In fact at that time, most New Yorkers had no idea what the island was, much less where to spot it on a map. Ten years later Governors Island is a standard part of the New York vernacular, and 4heads still remains committed to activating these sites every season, giving voice to today’s working artists and to the history of our great city.

– Colonels Row

– Liggett Hall

Governors Island, New York Harbor

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