Re-calibrating the Compass of Exile

January 19 – February 09

Institute for Contemporary Art
Avet Avetisyan 47
Yerevan, Armenia
Opening reception — January 19, 19:00

Artists: Alexander Bochkov, Alexey Grachev, Vadim Zaitsev, Sergey Komarov, Andrey Strokov, Svetlana Sidorova, Viktor Timofeev, Anton Shchegolev.

Curated by Vadim Zaitsev.

The project explores the transformative moment of experience of migration to another country/location under the influence of external circumstances. A series of events has changed the usual course of things, prompting artists to try comprehending the breakdown that occurred and its consequences within the exhibition. This state of uncertainty, disorientation, reflection on the situation, as well as the construction of new connections become the main motives of the projects. The works go beyond the space of the ICA exhibition hall, penetrating into the institution, becoming a part of it — which is also a symbolic gesture — art transcends borders. The pattern that is being built becomes the compass arrow that the artists try to navigate when they fall out of the world in which their lives took place. (Text: Vadim Zaitsev)

Re-calibrating the Compass of Exile is organized by ARe Foundation, HayArt Cultural Center, and Gothe-Zentrum Kooperationspartner. 

Supported by CYLAND Media Art Lab.