“The Rate of Disappearance” Exhibition Opened at ART re.Flex

“The Rate of Disappearance”, photo and video exhibition by Ludmila Belova supported by CYLAND MediaArtLab opened on May 20, 2015 at ART re.Flex gallery in St. Petersburg.

Ludmila Belova is a multidisciplinary artist with a rich history of collaborations with CYLAND MediaArtLab. Her work is now featured at ON MY WAY exhibition project in Venice, where the artist invites each visitor to peer through peepholes in uniform wooden boxes and evoke the memory of the body through sound.

It’s hard not to notice the precise pace of the exposition with image and sound combining in complex and stunning collages. “The Rate of Disappearance” is strongly recommended for visiting and exploring.

“The Rate of Disappearance” had been on display at ART re.Flex gallery (Bakunina pr. 5, St. Petersburg) until June 12, 2015.