Alexandra Dementieva – Orbis Quartus / Fourth World

Alexandra Dementieva, CYLAND MediArtLab, Adem vzw
Programmimg by Sergey Komarov
Interactive video installation, 2015

On the wall is projected video, presenting an earth and is filming from the air. One can see the different climatic zones; forests, fields, towns, villages. Above the earth’s landscape an object resembling a ziggurat in its design slowly floats. In its surface as a mirror reflects the land.

The work is based on face recognition technology, in this case the expressions on the faces of spectators. If they are not friendly and frowned, more frighteningly the object is approaching to the earth from outer space, darkening all over the black shadow, in which buildings begin to break down the, emptying the valley, burning forests. If a visitor is calm and smiling – zikkutar moves away, the disaster recedes.

Technical description:

1 video projectors
1 video camera
2 speakers
Light circle
(dark space)