Anna Frants’ “Visionary Dreams #3273-77” Opens at Borey Art Centre

Anna Frants continues a series of New Year’s Eve exhibitions at Borey Art Centre, that first begun in 2006. The exhibition “Visionary Dreams #3273-77” presents new media installations produced by CYLAND MediaArtLab, balancing between poetic fantasies and hard-coded robotics.

Anna Frants

This time, the halls of Borey Gallery feature a unified installation, and visitors will be able themselves to control visual images, sounds words and virtual actions of the external matrix and create their own story.


At first glance reminiscent of “The End” or “Mad Max”, this multimedia environment is less а scene from a dismal future and more so an intimate setting presented poetically to ponder a sense of self.

Birds chirp, recorded faces communicate, playful toys whiz and whirl, the outlines of familiar objects flow out of darkness — each with brand names that they are sold as or known by as characters in Frants’ theatrically staged work and beyond.

The installation is flexible, varying from site to site, country to country, with local materials utilized in each iteration.

Anna Frants’ “Visionary Dreams #3273-77”

December 13-24, 2016

Borey Art Centre, Liteynyi 58, St. Petersburg

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