CYLAND MediaArtLab – Protozoa

Developed by CYLAND MediaArtLab, 2009
Concept by Marina Koldobskaya
Development, computer programming, mechanics by Oleg Rodionov
Design, smithery by  Anton Chumak

Protozoa CYLAND MediaArtLab

These robots pretend to be neither intelligent not machines.  Having sensed an alien presence, they defend themselves in the only manner they are capable of:  they are whipping with the flagellum (tale; proboscis; sting).  The excitement of one is transmitted to all the rest.  In a few seconds, the mass hysteria consumes the entire micro-community.  They do not know if it is a friend or a foe that came; cannot evaluate whether their defense is effective or futile; do not distinguish a trifle from a serious threat; they miss the target.  They are a bit like you and me.