CYLAND Participates in Biennial Environmental Art Festival

Biennial environmental Art Festival Seminaria Sogninterra held September 1-3, 2016 in Maranola medieval village, gazing at Gaeta gulf, starting from sunset to midnigth. Among all alleys, towers, public and private spaces, in one kilometer exposition itinerary, 12 artists coming from all parts of Italy or abroad, harmonized on social and geographic variables of the Country.

CYLAND MediaArtLab partnered with Seminaria to support the festival and bring new media art by Anna Frants, Alexandra Dementieva, and Alexei Kostroma to the Italian audience. “Bluest of the Seas” by Anna Frants and “Mirror’s Memory” by Alexandra Dementieva, as well as a new site-specific installation from the artist have been presented at the festival.

Bluest of the Seas Anna Frants
“Bluest of the Seas”, site-specific installation by Anna Frants

This year’s theme is 1:1 scale, indicating the relationship between artwork and reality, that is a relationship and also a necessity of an at par dialogue, to get back space in a dialogic way, with real size installations to create livable environments where audience can immerse in and get involved with space and body of the artwork, and completing it this way.

Citizens and volunteers offered their houses to the artists and general public; and their involvement has been the leading key that will help this free-standing Biennial Festival to take art outside museums and galleries and address it to peoples’ life, believing that a shared participation and a free distribution could supply an alternative pattern to economic, cultural and social development of territory.

Art Festival Seminaria Sogninterra, September 1-3, 2016, Maranola, La Specia, Italy