Nadya Gorokhova – Le Vagabond

Nadya Gorokhova

Le Vagabond

Video essay, 16:9

00:09:42, miniDV, MP4

A video essay based on Samuel Beckett’s Worstward Ho.This work depicts a two girls’ journey in St. Petersburg’s suburb with the purpose of deepening their interaction with Beckett’s text. Masha Kuznetsova reads fragments of verses and words from a foreign dictionary. Nadezhda Gorokhova records soundscapes: she actively does an instrumental exploration of the environment’s acoustics. In this video, she mixes video and sound. This is a poetic study of the sound of the words based on this media intervention on Kronstadt’s landscape.

Camera, editing – Nadya Gorokhova

On camera, narration – Masha Kuznetsova