The Sergey Kuryokhin Foundation Announces the Annual Independent Contemporary Art Award

The Sergey Kuryoukhin Contemporary Art Award

The Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Modern Art and the Sergey Kuryokhin Foundation announce the annual independent Contemporary Art Award.

The independent Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award was instituted in 2009 and is one of  the most significant cultural events in Russia as well as worldwide.  Sergey Kuryokhin Award is linked to one of the most prominent characters of the late­twentieth- century St. Petersburg, a brilliant composer and pianist, founder of a recording company, head of  the «Popular Mechanics» orchestra.

Many of the CYLAND artists and collaborators, including Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Petr Belyi, Katya Bochavar among others, had been nominated and won the Contemporary Art Award in the previous years.

One of the targets of Sergey Kuryokhin Award is to find and support promising artists, curators  and musicians, to raise the status of contemporary art and to integrate it in the international cultural  life. Sergey Kuryokhin Award is specifically focused on the principles of the «Popular  Mechanics»: provocation, performance, improvisation and unexpectedness. Sergey Kuryokhin  Award commemorates the synthesis of various forms of art, the search for new meanings and the  revolutionary courage – the only kind that can change the world.

The deadline for applications for Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award 2015 till the 1st of March 2016. All the details can be found at