CYFEST Opens at the GROUND Gallery in Moscow

CYFEST-12 (2018-19): About festivalNew York (December 2018 / Personal Identity)St. Petersburg RU (January 2019 / The Winter Symphony)Moscow (April 17 — May 18.2019 / Aurora + Transmission)Venice (11.05 — 28.06.2019 / ID. ART:TECH EXHIBITION)St. Petersburg RU (13.11 — 24.11.2019 / ID)

April 17, next exhibition of CYFEST-12 opened at the GROUND gallery in Moscow. The exhibition curated by Elena Gubanova, Valentino Catricalà, and Katya Bochavar features two projects: AURORA by Alessandro Sciaraffa and TRANSMISSION by Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov.

Photography courtesy of GROUND Moscow


April 17 — May 18, 2019
GROUND Khodynka
Irina Levchenko 2, Moscow

CYFEST-12 at the GROUND MOSCOW webpage (in Russian):киберфест_алессандро-шараффа-дмитри/

Alessandro Sciaraffa’s AURORA shows in a new way what has been suppressed: that is nature. When new relationships between art, media and the planet, are formed we begin to understand nature with the help of technology. In his work, Le ombre del mare (The Shadow of the Sea), the sound of the sea appears after the viewer’s actions. For another artwork, the artist made his way to the north of Russia to record the sound of northern lights. The theme of the third work is the moon, and a voice in the exhibition space declares: “Hello, world!”

Sciaraffa’s research is centered on sound and musical experimentation, with a strong performative, sculptural and installational connotation. His works are synesthetic, and the viewer participates in a process of autopoiesis. Waves, frills, vibrations, intermediate states of matter: the works of Sciaraffa are points of contact between the physical phenomena from which they are generated and the transformations that they induce inside the spaces that involve them. The identity of the works is not exposed, but rather disguised behind external appearances: brass plates, liquid crystal surfaces, and photosensitive papers are simple supports or resonant containers of chromatic epiphanies or sound events, which in turn are significant only as detectors of the perturbations that cross the space.

In January 2019, another project by Alessandro Sciaraffa’s opened the 12th CYFEST at the Youth Education Center at the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

From the Winter Symphony exhibition project by Alessandro Sciaraffa, St. Petersburg, January 2019

Media artist Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov embodies his ideas in the technological genres of art: robotics, sound art, scientific art. Engaged in the development and creation of experimental musical instruments and modular synthesizers, he conducts masterclasses and lectures on technological practices in contemporary art.

At the exhibition, Morozov presents three of his works: the sound installation Mayak, a “voice of the Internet” – an orchestra of WiFi routers composing techno music from the network acitvity; the kinetic object Waveguide, where he two motors specifically twist the wire of the device. With this kind of work, the artist places an emphasis on the link between emergent systems and new kinds of technological synthesis.

Mayak, interactive installation by Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov

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