CYLAND Participates in Seminaria Sogninterra Art Festival in Italy

After the successful start of CYFEST in Caserta, CYLAND MediaArtLab returns to Italy with new projects to be presented from 24 to 26 August, 2018 during the fifth edition of the Biennial Festival of environmental art Seminaria Sogninterra.


Alleys, gardens and towers of the ancient village of Maranola, overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta, once again will host a group of artists invited to dialog with the town and its inhabitants through new projects that reflect upon the topic of water and the sense of community.

In an exhibition of almost a kilometer long, environmental installations, video projections, murals, sculptures and interactive works will explore the theme “The Memory of Water”. In one of the areas most affected by the drought in 2017, talking about water is a practical, social, political and symbolic need. This theme, curated by Isabella Indolfi, will be reflected by the artists: Bernardo Vercelli of the Quiet Ensemble, Davide Dormino and Anna Frants, who return for the second time to Maranola, and new artists Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Licia Galizia, Luciano Sozio, Bifido, Claudia Col, Alexey Grachev, Sergey Komarov and the composers Michelangelo Lupone, Laura Bianchini. To encourage the fluid and participatory aspect of Seminaria, there will be two projects that take shape through public calls: “Inside Out project” – a collective action included in the global project of JR, winner of the 2011 TED Prize, invited the inhabitants of Maranola to share their stories and images with other communities around the world; moreover, “Architetture Precarie”, under the patronage of the Order of Architects of Latina, will realize a self-construction training workshop aimed at a group of architects and enthusiasts, for the creation of a luminous bamboo sculpture.

To strengthen the link between the festival and the community of Maranola, will be added a project that was launched at the end of the last edition, and has led Seminaria Sogninterra to feel the urgency of translating the artist’s work into more pedagogical terms.

Starting from an idea by Marianna Fazzi, the LEDIFICIO project was born, created by the curatorial collective ALAgroup and by the artist John Cascone. LEDIFICIO, today Center of Documentation and Studies on Culture Aurunca A. De Santis – Regional Park of the Aurunci Mountains, is a former school located in the highest part of the medieval village of Maranola. In this context, strongly devoted to the recovery of tradition, Ledifico Infinito will realize a work in three movements or days – Re-evoke the Future / Transmit / The impossible. Ledifico Infinito will be occupied by the inhabitants of Maranola and by the audience as a shapeless building site, filled with lessons, laboratories, performances in which, by bringing out some narrations coming both from the past and from the future, we will try, through collective rewriting practices, to give shape to other possible, infinite and unexpected reality.

A particular emphasis this year is given to those forms of art that use new technologies, implemented thanks to the collaboration with the Cyland Media Art Lab from St.Petersburg, the Rome Music Research Center and Coesum (Italian company of design, engineering and prototyping).

To strengthen the bond of Seminaria Sogninterra with the positive energies of the territory, there is the collaboration with the Woodpark of Itri and Theater Bertolt Brecht and Radio Monte Altino of Formia and CaMusAC – Museum of Contemporary Art of Cassino.

Many other related organizations contribute to the national and international network, from the land art park Nikola Lenivets (Russia), to the MoTA Museum of Transitory Art in Ljubljana (Slovenia), to the Italians ‘There is no place like home’, Blooming Festival, Maack Kalenarte Open Air Museum of Contemporary Art and SITI Laboratory of urban and human imagination.

Once again this year, the support by UnipolSai’s agent Michele Gradone is fundamental, always attentive to the ethical and sustainable development of the territory, which is added to the important technical contribution of Sound & Light.

Under the patronage of Romaeuropa Foundation, Comune Formia, Parco Naturale dei Monti Aurunci, Parco Riviera d’Ulisse.

Seminaria Sogninterra

24/25/26 August from 20:00 to 00:00
Piazza Antonio Ricca, Maranola di Formia (LT)
Free entrance

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Seminaria Sogninterra