The 9th CYBERFEST Comes to Pratt Institute

The 9th CYFEST Opening Photo Chris Bentley

CYFEST NYC: Patterns of the Mind presented by CYLAND Media Lab, Pratt Institute, and Made In NYC Media Center by IFP opened at the Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, Pratt Brooklyn Campus on February 6, 2016. With the 9th CYFEST abundant programming CYLAND team connects those engaged in the borderless, multidisciplinary, progressive movement redefining the intersection between Art :: Tech.

CYFEST NYC: Patterns of the Mind curated by Anna Frants. Curatorial statement can be read here.

The report by Chris Bentley from the opening night is available below.



Digital networks provide the traditional means of communicating within a new borderless set of parameters,creating a whole new structure of collective consciousness where dynamic, self-assembling tribes can unify instantaneously. Enabled by digital catalysts, society has gone from local to national and from national to transnational tribal behavior and congregation.

In this post-post-modern epoch, what defines one’s place in the virtual and the physical world is the ability to communicate convincingly reality or fantasy. Medium matters, but only up to a point, as a conduit for the message. Anna Frants’ curatorial statement for the Patterns of the Mind is available here.

CYFEST NYC: Patterns of the Mind enquires into the primacy and power of a creator’s message, in which any medium is only the tool used to carry it across.

The opening day was also rich on panel discussions on arts, technology and society with contributions from the leading professionals in the field like Lev Manovich (Professor / CUNY Graduate Center), Natasha Kurchanova (Art Historian / Eastern European Art Critics Society), Peter Patchen (artist and Chair, Dept of Digital Arts / Pratt Institute), Carla Gannis (artist and Assistant Chair, Dept of Digital Arts / Pratt Institute), among others.

Panel discussions “Digital Tribalism in Contemporary Art”, “Infrastructural Aesthetics”, and “Redefining Women in Technology: Tools, Agency, and Representation” have presented a whole new reality to the engaged public.


CYLAND MediaArtLab teams artists Alexey Grachev and Sergey Komarov have presented their performance “The Subjectivization of Sound” combining digital and analog sound synthesis technologies in order to achieve a sound minimalism and a continuity of creative process during the creation of musical compositions and forms where the choice comes down to the subjective tendency of each one to a certain sounding.


CYFEST NYC: Patterns of the Mind

Feb 6 – Mar 3, 2016
Mon to Fri 9am-5pm; Sat noon-5pm
@ The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, Pratt Brooklyn Campus
200 Willoughby Ave (G or C train to Clinton-Washington)

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