Sound Art Curated by CYLAND Presented in St. Petersburg

Following the success of the series of educational events launched by CYLAND MediaArtLab at the Taiga space in St. Petersburg, our team decided to extend these activities with live performances by experimental musicians and sound artists that form the CAA (CYLAND Audio Archive).

The first event on May 30, 2015 featured two distinctive experimental projects S A D and AZ, as well as the presentation of the CAA releases in physical medium.

From the S A D duo own words, the world of tapes may be nothing but a distant memory to most of us, but to Vasiliy Stepanov and Dobrovolski it has become a real obsession. The Moscow native found a rare passion in magnetically manipulating cassettes to create one-of-a-kind soundscapes. The tape archeologists searches out hidden gem cassettes in their archives and demagnetizes the recorded material to assemble a new organized sound.

AZ is another alias of Alexander Zaitsev, a prominent Russian electronic musician and producer behind projects like EU, 2H Company and SBPCh. In his solo performance he will reveal the new program under the title Age of Mercy, which is also a platform recently launched by the musician together with photographer Anastasia Tsaider.

Photos by Nikolai Nikitin