CYLAND Presented «New Identity» Talk on Video Art

On March 25, 2016 CYLAND MediaArtLab hosted a talk on video art with Karina Karaeva at the White Hall of the Taiga Space in St. Petersburg.

Karina Karaeva's TAIGA talk

Entitled «New Identity», the talk focused on the radical mimicry in forms of expression from video art aesthetics. The identification of the character/author/viewer is placed in the vanguard of the narrative structure of the product on the one side, while on the other all sorts of changes in the media, political, and aesthetic space impose its dictates of narrative and visual construct. In fact, in performance (if you consider it as an attempt to find a new identity) is the process of changing from a demonstration of his own body to its complete obliteration, disappearance and deconstruction.

Karina Karaeva is a curator, art critic, deputy chief of the cinema and video department of the NCCA Moscow. Her fields of interest include video art theory, cinema and new media studies. She also writes for Russian art magazines like and and lectures at the Open School MediaArtLab, RSUH, and the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow.

«New Identity» presentation took place on March 25, 2016 the White Hall of the Taiga Space (Moshkova, 2).