Exhibition “Capital of Nowhere” at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in Parallel with the 55th Venice Biennale in Italy


Exhibition: May 27th – July 10th 2013

Curated by Silvia Burini, Matteo Bertelè, Anna Frants, Marina Koldobskaya

Video art program curator Victoria Ilyushkina

Technical director Alexey Grachev

Artists: Ludmila Belova, Peter Belyi, Ivan Govorkov and Elena Gubanova, Alexandra Dementieva, Marina Koldobskaya, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Terebenin, Anna Frants, Anton Chumak, Petr Shvetsov

CAPITAL OF NOWHERE is a group art project dedicated to the experience of living in a changing landscape created by the media civilization. It is a traveling project with the work of Russian, mainly St. Petersburg artists in its core. However, the concept of the project is versatile, it suggests reflection of the time and place of the show, so it can include works of foreign artists, especially local.

Today’s city today is an ever-updating screen where commercials mix up with politics, futuristic fantasies mix up with history and documents mix up with fiction. The reality of time and place disappears. Mutation of the familiar urban environment is perceived as a physical, mental and moral wound that every artist contrasts with his own act of creation, compensation, substitution.

Artists and Works

Ludmila Belova - The Compelled Foreshortening
Peter Belyi - Unnecessary Alphabet
Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov - Generations
Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov - Filtration of White Noise
Alexandra Dementieva - Breathless
Marina Koldobskaya - Roman Holiday
Vitaly Pushnitsky - Anticipation
Alexander Terebenin - Skyline
Anna Frants - Cloud That Smelled Blue
Anna Frants - Made in Ancient Greece
Petr Shvetsov - Tanya


Changing Landscapes #1 Video Program

Curated by Victoria Ilyushkina

Films in this program are addressed to a genius loci, the protective spirit of a place, the cultural and historical landscape paradigm of St. Petersburg – the city, that has changed its name, spirit and character more than once. Hero City, classical and revolutionary, cardboard and grand, faces of its past are multiple and illusory.

St. Petersburg is an imaginary capital, with a vast number of myths and legends associated with the topology of the city. The city, that shifted day and night, is stretched along the grand promenades and Nevsky Prospekt, but conceals its insides in the courtyards of apartment houses and communal apartments, known as “Dostoevsky’s Petersburg”. These implicit traces are shown today through the cultural myths and stone surfaces.

Still one thing remains unclear throughout this whirlwind: what is the present, and what is the past; where is the truth in this flickering moire of familiar landscapes.

Boris Kazakov - Nestlings of the Sea
Edward Shelganov - New Icarus
Ludmila Belova - Dreams of a Father
Maxim Svishev - Aurora
Tanya Akhmetgalieva & Michaela Muchina - Farewell
Alex Antipin - Silent
Dmitri Lurie - Refraction
Anton Khlabov - Squared City
Victoria Ilyushkina - Snowdrift
Manya Alexeeva - Window Number 2
Olga Jürgenson - The Unforgettable City Song