CYFEST Video Program Screened in St. Petersburg

On November 26 the creative space TAIGA housed the showing of video artworks united by the CYFEST collective theme «MODUS OPERANDI». Victoria Ilyushkina, curator of the video program, selected 22 works by the artists from all over the world, which resulted in a review of cultural perceptions in the virtual space. Photography by Anton Khlabov:

The 9th Annual Cyberfest Video Program, “MODUS OPERANDI”, examines contemporary means of identification and communication involving digital media. Digital media is a reality onto itself.  Technology has created a global space for existing as a virtual identity.

The 9th Annual Cyberfest Video Program draws attention to the role artists’ have in reflecting a society at the brink of when anything is possible.

More information on “MODUS OPERANDI”, its curatorial statement, and artists